Zimpler: Mobile Payments for iGaming

Zimpler hails from Sweden and has been designed to function exclusively as a mobile payment method for online gaming. The method was initially usable at Thrills Casino and Kaboo Casino for players living outside of the UK, with British players were given access from summer 2016.

The Zimpler Philosophy

Zimpler was established with the lofty ambition of setting a new standard in mobile payments. Fundamentally, the payment provider intends to make that happen by promising to give players control over their gaming habits.

The Zimpler casino concept is still relatively new, so information is not overwhelming on the topic. Nevertheless, what is know is that players do not require to install a mobile app or complete a registration process. From this much, it is clear that the payment method will succeed if players embrace its simplicity and usability.

How to Deposit with Zimpler

  1. To make a deposit, players first need to find a Zimpler-compatible casino. After registering a new account, they can then visit the cashier to continue the process.
  2. At this stage, they need to input how much they wish to deposit and then select Zimpler as the payment method.
  3. Players will then be connected to Zimpler and will complete the process by using their mobile number and a verification code sent out by text message.
  4. Compared to other mobile methods, Zimpler works differently in that players need to use another payment method to actually transfer funds. For example, this include VISA or MasterCard.
  5. Zimpler treats every deposit as a new transaction, meaning players will not have an account and go through the phone number and verification code stages each time. Their previous payment method will also have to be re-entered.

How it Compares to Phone Bill

Zimpler functions as a mobile payment method, but differs from competitors like Boku because players do not credit the deposits to their phone bill. Instead, there is a slightly longer process wherein players have to process a financial transactions with an external payment method on every transaction.

In an age of convenience, phone bill payments are quicker than Zimpler because players do not submit information to complete every transaction. Ultimately, the appeal of using Zimpler is for players who like using their credit cards – for whatever reason – but want their transactions to be protected.

Zimpler vs. Paysafecard?

Zimpler’s shielded design is quite similar to paysafecard, which functions as an e-voucher. In comparison, Zimpler is more convenient for players who do not want to visit physical vendors to acquire pre-purchased e-vouchers.

Arguably, paysafecard is safer than Zimpler because players do not have to use their credit card at any stage of the transaction. By submitting a pin code in exchange for their funds, players are staying safer than with Zimpler, which some players will trust to keep their credit card details safe, whereas there is no need to risk it with paysafecard.

Zimpler is entering a competitive payment marketplace where most players have already chosen their preferred options. Thus, it will be interesting to see how it fares at mobile casinos.