Will Underwater Poker Be the Next Big Thing?

The modern age has given the world many exciting creations, ranging from mobile internet to apps that can be used to manage every aspect of your daily life. However, it has now come to our attention that some daring players have hosted underwater poker tourneys.

Poker Tourney at a Shipwreck

The Lady Luck is a shipwreck submerged in the serene blue waters of Pompano Beach in South Florida. On 23 July 2017, a group of six thrill-seeking poker finalists made it to the final a tourney hosted underwater on the actual shipwreck.

When it comes to unusual poker games, this is definitely a prime example. Artist Dennis MacDonald was tasked with a designing a poker table that could be installed at the wreck, while they also had to create special chips for the players to use. Scuba divers could even pay $60 if they wanted to view the action.

Florida’s Underwater Poker Legacy

And it would seem that Florida has a rich history when it comes to extreme poker. From 1951, there is the iconic image of three players sitting underwater at a table and chairs to enjoy a few hands.

The image even displays three female spectators on hand to watch, with the game staged at Weeki Wachee Springs. However, the lack of goggles and breathing equipment would make it tough to play effectively.

UK’s First Scuba Tourney

In 2013, the UK managed to beat Florida when it came to hosting a poker tournament underwater. To raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, diver John Stanley was able to secure the sponsorship needed to host an underwater poker tourney at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

However, the tourney was not quite as scenic as daring compared to Florida. When it comes to unique poker games, it’s much more exciting to be playing underwater shipwreck. The By comparison, the UK’s first-ever tourney was hosted in a swimming pool.

St Kitts Hosted the First

Years earlier, the Caribbean island paradise of St Kitts became the world’s first place to host a legitimate underwater poker tournament. Incredibly, the tourney was hosted 30 feet below sea level and saw online qualifiers done scuba gear to take on the unique challenge.

Eventually, the tourney ended when player Juha Helppi won after an all-in showdown with two other players. However, it was by no means a straightforward win for Helppi, who even had to avoid the threat of a curious stingray during the tourney.

Play in Northern Colorado

High Plains Scuba is company that hosts underwater poker tourneys in Northern Colorado. Each year, the company uses this unique type of experience as a means of helping veterans from the US armed forced. Comparatively, these tourneys are closer to the UK example, with casual players competing from the safer confines of a swimming pool.

Okay, underwater poker has been around for a while, but it’s yet to take the market by force. Obviously, this is a much more exciting way to play poker, but we expect it to largely remain a promotional tool for gambling brands and charities.

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