Why to Flush a Withdraw

Flushing a withdrawal can be a particularly savvy move for the online casino player, and is often recommended in case of any temptation to ensure you bank your winnings as planned.

What is flushing?

For all you casino rookies, flushing is a process many casino players use in the instance that they have had a big win. Flushing occurs after you have sent your money to be withdrawn. In most cases, when you elect to withdraw your funds, the casino will usually earmark it as ‘pending’ for a period.

This means that should you wish, you can reverse a percentage – or all – of the funds marked for withdrawal back into your casino account. This can be a good thing if you decide that you may have accidentally (or otherwise) chosen to withdraw too much, leaving yourself with no funds to play with in the meantime.

However, it can also prove too much of a temptation for some players, especially if the pending time and whole withdrawal process takes a while, meaning that you could end up transferring all of the winnings back and betting them all away.

Flushing aims to prevent this from happening. In this instance, you are able to ‘flush’ your funds at the pending stage, meaning that although they have not yet been processed into your bank account (or whichever your preferred withdrawal method may be), you will no longer have the option to reverse any of the funds back into your casino account.

Essentially your money is in a sort of limbo until it can be processed, but it means it’s no longer freely available to tempt you. Any good casino worth their salt will allow flushing.

Why Flush Your Withdrawal?

Flushing your withdrawal is a great thing to do as first and foremost it allows you to bank all of your winnings as planned, much like you would make a transfer in a bank – there’s no going back once it’s done.

This then is also beneficial because it eliminates the temptation to spend on further gambling. No doubt you’ve already spent the funds you’re withdrawing in your head already, whether it be enough for an extra night out, a new wardrobe or a lavish purchase.

Yet you may get that niggling thought creeping in at the back of your head saying “it wouldn’t hurt to spend another fiver on a game”. But the fiver will soon turn into a tenner and so on until you realise a few hours later that you’ve actually reversed 90% of your winnings, and they belong to the house once again.

So if willpower isn’t your strong suit, then flushing your withdrawal is an ideal option. Flushing is also a great way to help set yourself gambling limits. Whilst it’s always good practice to set a deposit limit per week or month, and most people usually adhere to this, people often disregard it when it comes to winning.

Sure, you may have only deposited £50 as planned over the week, but including funds you’ve won and reversed from withdrawal, you may have actually spent £200 on gaming. So flushing can help you realise the true value of not only your winnings, but also how much you are actually gambling, helping make you a more responsible player.

In all, most casinos should be offering the option to flush, as it makes them more responsible by discouraging over-gambling. In addition, flushing provides so many benefits to a player, that it is wise and in most cases advisable to consider flushing a withdrawal of any size.

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