Ultimate Transformers Video Slot

Transformers is one of those franchises that’s always going to be cool, gigantic robots that turn into tanks and trucks whilst shooting lasers, who wouldn’t love that.

This is probably why the Transformers: Ultimate Payback slot game is so successful.

The Game

Transformers: Ultimate Payback is a visit down memory lane for any fan of the franchise. Featuring the original 80’s TV show characters designs and the odd yell by the onscreen characters of “Transform!” or “Roll out!” and you’ve got yourself one great game.

How to Play

This Transformers Slots game features five reels and twenty five paylines. Bets in this game are made by using game credits; these can be set as low as five credits per turn or 125 if you’re feeling lucky. The amount of credits and the number of lines being wagered across can all be altered using the onscreen (-) and (+) symbols to increase or decrease the amount to suit your budget. When you’re ready hit ‘play’.

Fun Features

Transformers: Ultimate Payback has some pretty fun features to it.

The Wilds can expand across the entire reel turning it Wild when you get them on the second and fourth reels. Then there’s the Cybertron Wild, this will award players a multiplier of up to 10x when it’s activated in a third reel combination. Last is the Battle Bonus. Get the ‘Optimus’ and ‘Megatron’ symbols facing each other from the opposite ends of the reels and you’ll have to choose what side you’re going to support as the two titans clash at the bottom of the screen. Each character has an energy bar that’s depleted by one if they lose a round. If you’re lucky enough to pick the winner of the match, you’ll be awarded a multiplier amount based on the number of bars your bot has left.

Where to Play

There’s a whole host of different places for you to play Transformers slots online. But instead of having you hunt through them all, we’ve decided to give you a small selection of some of the best.


Guts have a brilliant welcome bonus of 100% up to £100 and fifty free spins on Starburst when you make a minimum deposit of £20 or more and use the code GUTSW1. There’s then a 50% up to £100 bonus when you deposit and use GUTSW2 and a further 50% up to £100 plus another fifty free spins on Starburst when you deposit a third time and use GUTSW3

Castle jackpot:

Castle Jackpot has a brilliant 300% cash match bonus of up to £600. There’s also a great offer of 100% bonus of up to £600 on your second deposit and another 100% bonus of up to £600 on your third deposit.

Get Minted:

New members making a deposit of between £5 and £50 will receive a 100% welcome bonus. Of if you deposit more than £50 on your first go, you’ll receive a brilliant 50% bonus of up to £500 back. Plus, Get Minted even has a ‘Bonus Calculator’ that will let you see how many bonus chips you’ll get in advance when you deposit any other amount of your choice.

Also they have the option of playing Transformers slots free for you to practice it before you spend any actual money on it.


One thing that gets thrown around a lot is ‘RTP’. But just what is RTP? Basically, RTP or ‘Return.To.Player’ is the figure provided by casinos and casino websites to describe the amount of wagered money that will be paid out from one of their slot machines or games. RTP is the opposite half to ‘House Advantage’ and is calculated over a long period of a games lifespan.

To simplify it, if a game is said to have an RTP of 90%, you could make a hundred bets of £1 on that game and you would see a return of at least £90 of your money coming back. The ten percent leftover from that is the house advantage.

How this works for actually wagering is that the lower the RTP of a game, the lower the chances are of you seeing any return from your original money.