Top 5 Casino Songs

Many experienced online players have a secret trick that is not possible at land-based casinos. Since they are in their own homes, they put on songs about winning either before or during their gaming sessions! These lucky songs are not to be confused with players’ superstitions because their effect can increase confidence and positive feelings that can contribute to more success.

Where We Love to Rock Out

Although home computers and laptops (but mobile devices, too) make it possible for each player to choose one’s own casino music there are some sites that we think of as more rockin’ than others. The following are bold casinos, just calling out for custom music provided by their members!


When you look at this casino, you can almost imagine that there is exciting music playing in your mind. Maybe it’s Captain Rizk himself, who offers a certain confident attitude, along with unique promotions and the 100% welcome bonus and a chance at free spins on the Wheel of Rizk.

Grand Ivy

For those whose favourite gambling songs may be less raucous, more smooth jazz or classical maybe, there is the elegant ambience of Grand Ivy. The welcome package of up to £1,500 plus 100 free spins, and monthly chances at winning a Benz are plenty of reasons to keep your spirits up and well motivated.

Lucky Admiral

The seafaring theme of Luck Admiral is already an encouraging message, and it’s even better paired with casino songs about good old fashioned high adventure. But the Admiral gives a £10 no deposit offer and up to £1,000 in bonuses to go along with your own musical inspiration.

The Tracks We Love

No doubt you will have your own picks, but this list of awesome songs that we have found inspiring for one reason or another might give you ideas. Keep in mind that a good gambling tune may not be about winning, since music that realistically deals with loss can be a powerful message, too.

Ray Charles, Losing Hand

Obviously a lot of music that refers to gambling also takes the topic of romantic love as a theme also. This combination doesn’t get much better than the legendary Ray Charles, when he says, ‘I gambled on your love, Baby / and got a losing hand’.


The Clash, Three Card Trick

For those of you who find yourselves in a rebellious mood, who want to buck a string of bad luck, or who just prefer the grungy sound of the Clash, this song provides all the rockin’ irony you’ll need!


Juice Newton, Queen Of Hearts

For those of you who cannot resist Country and Western pop fusion, this one from the 70s is irresistible. You will not be able to get its melodies out of your head, even after it stops (which, will probably mean you’ll put it on repeat).


Lady Gaga, Poker Face

Gaga’s mega hit is a great choice, we would say, when you have hit a nice string of wins and you intend to stay in the zone. Hold your poker face, darlings, and just keep on winning along to this addictive beat.


Shape of My Heart, Sting

Alas, when you feel very calm, perhaps reflective, after playing your favourite online casino games, here is one to help you chill out. Let’s hope you’re chilling out after winning a little cash, or breaking even.


Music of Chance

Music seems to make almost anything better. Especially hobbies, sports, and all kinds of individual pastimes. Gambling for real cash, you will probably accept any advantage you can get — and if you haven’t tried playing along to your favourite music, well, go ahead and take a chance on it. You won’t regret it.