Red Flush Launches for Canada and Starts Running Three New Games

Red Flush Online Casino offers the widest set of bonus options we’ve ever seen, and generous welcomes gifts at that. Red Flush wisely incorporates a sense of chance and thrill into the very first step for new players, their sign-up bonus. Your sign-up bonus!

The choice in the type of games you want to play, whether Web-based or downloaded to your own machine, is also yours. The site is careful to offer Apple users their own Mac Casino (presumably because of the Flash dilemma for Macs). On top of all that, there are mobile games also. — Overachievers, this Red Flush crew!

So let’s go into a bit more detail about what this extraordinary site promises, shall we?

Enter a Bonus Mart

At Red Flush you will decide upon one amongst these options after you become a member:

1.) One hour in the casino to play out £1000 free cash and win as much as you can during that gaming-spree.

2.) 100% cash match on your deposit, plus, 50 spins on Thunderstruck II

3.) The VIP option is to make a fat deposit of £500 or more, which earns you a free bonus of £200.

Those plans are pretty self-explanatory. There are some extras that Red Flush includes with any way you choose to go above:

  • You get one hundred free spins every month, ongoing!
  • Red Flush’s loyalty programme accepts you and gives you 500 points.
  • 50% cash match on your second deposit (up to £100)
  • 25% cash match on your third deposit (up to £400)
  • Invitation to a 250 Free Roll Slot Tournament (weekend)

Play Top-Shelf Games

Red Flush is among the first online casinos to feature three stunning new slots from Microgaming, along with all the other excellent titles from its catalogue of over 500. Let’s be honest: we don’t need to spend too much time talking about the games if it’s a Microgaming site — and Red Flush is one of Microgamings premium sites, to boot, since it gets to run the very latest stuff!

The RF Website Itself

We always appreciate a nicely designed, clearly labelled website, of course. But Red is actually an exceptionally high-tech and indeed slick experience. This site can only be the product of a large and talented team.

Take, for instance, the Games page. It’s really the most functional and attractive game-selector we’ve ever used. Not only do you see large thumbnails of each game, hover over them and click open a demo window on top of the page.

Next check out the Winners page, which shows you a grid with the nationalities and winnings of recent casino champs. Below, another grid of players who have won during the ‘Sensational Sunday’ promotion.

The Big League

All in all, Red Flush will impress you. Even if its modern, glassy look doesn’t appeal to you, we think it’s difficult to deny that this is an impressive online casino. Without appealing to a mass market, RF gives you the kind of options that most of us really want when we try a new casino site.

(We wonder how many of you are brave enough to go for that one-hour/£1000 playing spree as your welcome gift.)