Online Casinos with Baccarat

Whenever you visit a casino, the first thing you always want to try out is a card game, everyone’s watched enough casino movies or Bond films to think they’re a professional.

You think you’re a shark in a duck pond, but more often than not this is incorrect – you approach a table and immediately have no clue what to do.

This is no truer than we you consider the game of Baccarat, a game that everyone considers to be a pensioner’s game, a game that sounds more confusing than it actually is and is so easy to learn that it’s incredibly popular amongst fans of card games.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game that has all the flair of a professional game but requiring none of the skill to play, gameplay is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is play against the dealer and get a hand that’s closer to nine than theirs.

Baccarat features a strange rule, only the last digit of your total from your cards counts. So say for example you were to get a seven and a six, this results in a thirteen, but your total would only be three, this is why it’s more difficult to get to nine than it initially appears.

Baccarat’s so popular in fact that several spin offs of the game exist, with each genre featuring a different set of rules, the most regularly played of which is Punto Banco.

Other games available

Although if an online Baccarat game isn’t your thing, you could check out some other card based games that have a high RTP like Baccarat does.

For example you could play Blackjack, this game is fairly similar to Baccarat, only instead of nine you have to get to twenty one without going over it, if you do, you ‘bust’ and you don’t win.

You normally play against the dealer and depending on how good you are you can win quite a lot of money from this game.

Another option is Roulette; where you have to wager on where you think a ball will land after a wheel has stopped spinning.

In Roulette, there’s a vast variety of different ways in which you can wager on the game. From individual numbers to red or black squares, odd or even numbers or you could use one of the brilliant pre-programmed options that will set your chips on the board in an appropriate strategy that guarantees some sort of victory.

Although these games are great, they have nothing on the ease and general speed of a game of Baccarat, they don’t have the same sort of satisfaction that getting your total dead on nine does. However, that still doesn’t mean they’re not a nice alternative.

Websites that offer Baccarat

Because of its popularity amongst online casino users, there are countless websites that allow you to play Online Baccarat, each with its own unique bonuses to take advantage of when you sign up.

But rather than have you hunt through the internet to try and find the best one, we’ve decided to create a small list of what we think are the best online casinos with Baccarat to play on.

Thrills Casino:

Members of Thrills get a fabulous 100% bonus on their first deposit of £20 or more when they register for an account and use the code ‘Welcome 1’. But the bonus doesn’t end there; you also get fifty free spins on the superb space age slot game Starburst.

Mecca Bingo:

New players joining Mecca Bingo have the chance to get a brilliant bonus when they make their first deposit. Deposit just £10 to get an additional £40 to use plus an extra £10 to use on any one of Meccas brilliant Bingo games.

Paddy Power:

Paddy Power have an incredibly generous sign up bonus, not only will new players get £5 free when they register for an account, but there’s also a 100% cash match bonus of up to £200.

So say you were to deposit £100 into your account, Paddy Power would cash match you with an extra £100, landing you £200 to spend on any game you want in their great library.