Next Casino Review

If you like a forward thinking online casino, one that is coming up in the world of Web-powered gaming, then we suggest you check out Once you see its graphics and overall polish, not to mention its rich spread of games, we think Next Casino may live up to its name for you.

Just check out the following features and details we’re bringing to your attention, including Next’s bonus structure and mobile compatibility. You shall know something about your future soon enough!

Mobile Makes Sense

These days, a mobile version of a major gaming destination’s offerings is the standard, and this is what players expect. Next-Casino is way ahead of the curve — the games here are available for players who use devices made by Apple or with Google’s open-source Android operating system. Tablets, by they way, as well as phones are included.

But what you may find sets this casino apart from others is the wider selection of game sources — although Next joined the fray of online casinos in 2013 only, it has already joined the ranks of top venues (for their above-normal game diversity), like VeraJohn, Thrills and BetVictor.

How? It’s simple. Six different game brands (like Net|Ent, Microgaming, Playtech and so on — names you’ll recognise) are included under Next’s one roof, so to speak.

This saves you the trouble of signing up and logging into many separate casino accounts to play your favourites. Here, you can switch from game to game at will.

The Big Draw

Games, overall quality and banking services (which Next also excels at offering, with its many alternatives to cards, such as Neteller and ECO) are all part of the bottom line in selecting a new place to play. All subsequent concerns — such as community or social networking features built-in — are judged by many players according to the initial bonus.

The welcome bonus from Next Casino will bring people in its online doors, perhaps even you:

Next gives you just about enough bonus cash as you’ll need, on an ongoing basis. Your first deposit will earn 100% cash-back, up to £200. But every month you can collect a maximum of £300 in bonuses — not including your winnings!

There’s another nice benefit given by Next: 100 free spins on a few top slots (not just one, the way other casinos doll out similar free roll bonuses).

Winning Team

All in all, when you begin playing here we think your sense for quality and even efficiency will be impressed by Next. When you can play to your heart’s content — from multi-player Poker to live table games and mind-blowing new slot titles — without needing many accounts, we think you’re better off.

This way is safer, after all, because every time you make a user account, whatever information you share is not as safe as when only you knew it, obviously — not matter how secure a site is.

Because this is true, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of Next-Casino’s trouble-free and reassuring banking department. It offers pretty much any alternative to using your credit card as you can imagine — from cash vouchers like Paysafecard to full e-wallets like Neteller or ECO, or, simpler methods.

This way, as much as you may trust a top-notch casino like Next, you are always safe from e-criminals who prey upon players who leave themselves exposed online.

Enjoy your Next adventure — now that you know exactly what that means!