New Roulette Sites

There are many different variations of roulette. Many casino sites offer different types and different games that suit a whole myriad of balances, budgets and tastes. Considering the growing popularity of these sites, it is certainly not a shock to see so many new roulette games popping up online.

Roulette, like Blackjack, can be counted as one of the world’s most popular casino games, ever. Its charm as a game is quite distinct from other table games, owing largely to the enormous wheel. The wheel, as a character in this game, is perfect in translation to online Roulette gaming.

Strategy and Tips

The odds and element of chance for online Roulette are the same as land-based casinos. Sites featuring this classic game are of course monitored by third-party agencies to ensure that the computing and software satisfy the requirement of offering absolute random spins and results for all players.

Probably the purest and safest way to enjoy online Roulette, if the human element is something you look for, is live roulette action. This way, a human is spinning an actual wheel on camera, which you see by live video, and so it is identical to a physical casino in terms of odds.

Roulette, like Baccarat, is purely a betting game as opposed to Poker or Blackjack or Keno where you create something like your own ‘hand’ or selection. There are inside or outside bets, corresponding to whether you bet upon exact ball placement or a category (like a black slot, or an odd number and so forth).

There are two main types of Roulette you can play, with European having slightly (very slightly) better odds than American. That’s because the Euro version has one less slot for the ball to land upon (37).

Smooth-Spinning Roulette Sites

There are many new sites offering Roulette available at your fingertips, and one that won’t disappoint is Mansion Casino, with its £5,000 high-roller welcome bonus, so let’s start there.

Mansion is not only home to a whole range of online casino games, slot games and table games — but notably it hosts a truly enjoyable game of online Roulette. Its system is licensed from Playtech, one of the top suppliers in the world. Realism in its titles has got to be some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Mansion’s Playtech games are very easy to use and can be played for a mere 10p and up. Simply launch the game and you’ll be taken to the roulette table, which fills the bottom half of the screen while the wheel sits at the top, in full view. [Full Review]

Mansion and are part of the same group, which shares its promotions, which is what we’ll look into next.

This is to be sure a major player in today’s online casino world, with a name like that! The third site in the group at the moment is Club777 — there are nice cross-marketing offers from these three destinations. They also share all promotions. Here are our favourites:

  • £1000 Beginners’ Booster prize draw
  • Start, Middle and End of Month bonuses
  • Crack the Code contest monthly

Best of all about and Mansion: you get some awesome live roulette action here! [Full Review]


888 is in a league of its own because not only does it give excellent benefits, it makes its own Roulette games. In fact, this stuff is so good that 888’s gaming studio is good enough it can license it out to other competing casinos.

You get four astounding kinds of Roulette, plus a £200 welcome bonus to sign up and start playing. Here’s your menu:

  • European Roulette
  • Live Roulette
  • Rockin’ Roulette
  • 3D Roulette

There are also several monthly contests and prizes, including charming extras like a bonus if a ball lands on the ‘8’! Like trips to Paris? 888 has the kind of promotions you will like.

Roulette Revolutions

Lastly, we can leave you some really good news if you’re hooked on roulette. This year is looking to be one of the strongest years in the history of online and mobile Big Wheel games! Why?

New technology has been unleashed for the Web (called HTML5) that is revolutionising the way we play. No longer will we be chained to the mobile app. We’ll be playing inside our Web-browser window, and when we do we’ll not have to bother with plugins like Flash, anymore, either! Get ready to spin, folks!