New Poker Sites

Poker is probably the most fashionable casino game at the moment, and the popularity of it has swept the nation. Now, poker has its own TV channels, its own celebrities, its own magazines and even its own fashion. The big money casino game is widely played by men and women of all ages, and the game of bluff is played more commonly now on online casino websites and poker websites, and every single year, the internet sees the arrival of many brand new poker sites¬† that come with brand new features, futuristic, contemporary games, fantastic prizes and a range of new, inviting promotions. Whether you’re looking for new poker sites to play at or simply want to to play online poker for the first time but you don’t know where to start, then there are many sites that can help you get off on the right foot when it comes to playing poker online.

Although it would certainly not be classed as one of the brand new poker sites, PKR is one of the most successful and most loved online poker networks and it used by celebrities and professional poker players alike. PKR even run professional, TV aired events regularly!
The one thing you’ll love about PKR’s online poker games is the sheer quality of the games and features as PKR is certainly home to the most contemporary poker site online. When you download PKR’s software, you’ll be able to fashion your very own avatar, which is a virtual version of yourself (or anyone you want to be!). You can choose anything from skin colour, to hair colour and style, eye colour, facial features and even clothes (including shades which are very popular with online poker players!) and this realistic avatar then represents you during poker games.
In the Poker lobby, you’re able to view all of the different tables and games currently running, and when you find one that suits you, you can simply click onto it, and that game will launch. Once the game launches, you’ll recognise you avatar sitting at a virtual table! It’s touches like this that make it one of the most popular poker sites and will certainly be a hard site to beat by all the new poker sites coming onto the scene.

Full Tilt Poker is another popular poker website, and this one is extra special, because just recently, Full Tilt Poker released one of many new poker sites onto the new mobile gaming scene! With Full Tilt Poker’s brand new mobile poker game, you can now download a live, interactive poker game to your mobile phone and play online poker wherever you are in the world.