3 New Microgaming Titles Announced, with New Features, Too!

Oh, what fun! The news of fresh game-releases is always grand! This time, it’s Microgaming that is injecting more of its magic into the marketplace. Not just one, but three, new slots are debuting on sites like Red Flush in August.

Before we take a look at each game, organized according to complexity, let’s notice that 2012-13 will be a kind of renaissance for new online-casino design. As we’ve noted before, the hardware  iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets) has given game designers plenty of features to work with, like motion sensors, front-facing cameras, super high-resolution screens and so forth. We’re all waiting for giant leaps forward in the games themselves.

Let’s hope these three newbies from Microgaming (currently the world’s largest maker) are part of the paradigm shift toward incredibly responsive games that perhaps more than anything else have a refined sense of timing and pacing — both so important with casino games.

Magic Charms

Starting with the most light-hearted of Microgaming’s new gambits — perhaps the one appealing to more pedestrian slots-players actually — Magic Charms is a fantasy-styled game. The game’s standout charms are:

  • Five reels
  • 243 chances to win
  • Free games round
  • Look for jewelled trinkets, wands, rainbows
  • Double-up feature included

Leagues of Fortune

This is a familiar underwater theme in which the object is to survey the seabed and pick up sunken treasures discovered during the course of things. Trigger the bonus round by finding three or more boxes of treasure on your five reels; this awakens the mighty squid with free spins in every tentacle. This newest generation Microgaming game has a new height of graphics quality and quick timing.

  • Five reels
  • 1024 chances to win
  • Giant squid bonus round
  • Double-up and save 50% features included

House of Dragons

This is a slot that will very likely gain an ardent and loyal following, because its theme is ambitious. Classical China, no less. The story goes like this: your aim is to enter the famed House of Dragons, in which massive riches go to the best archer. You are guided by The Old One in the game, during an adventure with bow-and-arrow challenges in bonus side-games.

  • Five reels / 20 pay lines
  • Experience is the key to this slot

The New Features Explained

There are two big new Microgaming exclusive features to quickly explain for you.

‘Doubling up’ in these new games is an extra layer of fun suspense: at the end of bonus rounds you are given the option to use winnings to pump up your wager and winnings ratio.

There is also a new savings opportunity: we quote the official Microgaming announcement of ‘a bank function that allows you to save up to 50% of the bet’. Your guess is as good as ours, mates. Let’s just see how these new games and features fare in the test of actual play!