New Casino Sites 2011 / 2012

New casino sites are appearing on the web faster than you can say “Black Jack!” Let’s look at four of the really hot new sites you should check out: Virgin Casino, Winner Casino, Jackpot City Casino and Royal Casino.

Virgin Casino, one of the newest casino sites, gives you a sign-up bonus of up to £100. This is one sweet gift. You High Rollers receive even higher bonuses, or the huge Blackjack Welcome Bonus. Virgin’s home page really hits the target with rockets blasting and hot red graphics – you can feel the get-up-and-go that playing at Virgin Casinos promises.

Now hold on to something so you won’t faint: Winner Casino is giving away a $1000 Welcome Bonus just for signing up. Unbelievable! Sites like Winner Casino are going all out to win you over. With your first deposit up to $300, you get a 100% cash match. With your second deposit Winner Casino awards you with a 150% up to $300 bonus. But there’s more! – For the next 4 months you’ll get 100% up to $100! What about you High Rollers? – You can get up to a $2,000 Welcome Bonus.

It gets better! JackPot City Casino gives you $200 free with your first deposit and $300 free with your second deposit. Did you read FREE! Plus, JackPot City Casino gives you $150 free as a bonus for signing up to play mobile casino games with them. You can rest assured that your numbers and money are safe while you play casino games on the go. Not only can you play from the comfort of your own home, but you don’t have to miss a beat while being out and about living the natural activities of your busy life.

Of all the brand new websites, Royal Casino has the most games you can ever possibly imagine. There are games for every interest from Mah Jong to strategy games, adventure, fighting, puzzles – the list goes on and on! These are the new games that will keep your interest and give you in return plenty of excitement and action, just like being in Las Vegas.

These new websites have the “real feel” of being at a live casino. The raw energy of the games comes through cyberspace right into your home like a bolt of lightning. And just like in the brick and mortar casino, you will want to stay up all night and day to play these amazing life-like games.