Mansion’s Manic 50-Line Marvel Slots

It’s your day, if you love big-time comic-book movie themes included in your online slots, because the leader in this type of popular slot (Playtech) has recently pumped up its pay-lines to 50 in three blockbuster slots you may have been wanting to try:

  • Iron Man
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Fantastic Four

Now is the time to try them, so stop procrastinating! Fortunately Mansion Casino is making this easy with its galactic welcome promotions. One detail we like from this site is that as you get set up to play, while you look at the game portfolio, you can launch a demo practice window for free and without registering first.

Mansion stands alone with its maximum cash match of up to £5,000 — this has put it on the map for high-rollers. But the deals are available to depositors of much lower amounts.

You’ll get a 100% bonus up to £500. It is for those who want to deposit £1,000 or more that this big £5,000 bankroll-building bonus is accessible (at 50% cash match).

Incredible Hulk

This game is very, very green and quite hard-edged. The reel symbols are like granite blocks, heavy. You can imagine the crunching sound effects that you hear. Best of all, this innovative slot has sequences where the Hulk himself grips the reels and pulls them apart like bars. Bonus rounds keep you fresh, featuring scenarios like the Hulk being hunted by helicopters.

Fantastic Four

This game’s colour palette is a bit more soothing, even the action is just as intense as the Hulk’s slot. Black background and electric blues give a nice shine on this high-tech theme. The game play is organised around the four characters, of course. Follow your progress with bonus tallies for each, and you’ll probably have a favourite winner soon.

Iron Man 2

With such an exciting, soaring film as its base, this slot has much potential for innovative effects, and of course Playtech does not disappoint. The symbols on the five reels that you see spinning are not the usual squares and boxes.

Faithful to the movie, the symbols picture various robot technologies from the story. 50 paylines definitely suits this particular machine, in all its full throttle and multi-coloured action.

Marvel at These!

Titan, Gala and Bet365 all feature Playtech games, as well. You can play this powerful 50-pay-line trio of Marvel-inspired hit slots at whichever of these recommended casinos you choose. But play one fast — before it’s old news.

Playtech has one of the world’s largest game portfolios — which means you are never stuck with any one title. The promotions are also robust at Playtech casinos — there are usually a few times per month at these casinos to grab up hundreds for your bankroll.