Mac Online Casino

Playing online casinos using a Mac desktop computer is just as thrilling if not more so than using a PC running Windows. Now we will take a look at the issues related to Mac games, as well as finish off with reviews of a few of the best apple mac online casinos.

The main differences are peripheral because they are techical, having to do with compatibility. Why is there so much compatibility fuss over Apples?

The Mac Difference

Apple’s software is not open source like Microsoft’s, and, there is less Flash compatibility — Apple claims this is to keep its customers safe from viruses. It also ensures that Apple users experience the seamless, consistent, branded look and feel they are paying for.

Quality is the main difference: Apple is what you call a designer product, with unmatched design, build, polish and service. That extends to any casino game played using Apple gear. The only differences that may seem like drawbacks (but fortunately they do not have to be so) are technical — which also affects the amount of selection for Mac gamers.

Selecting Games for Mac

Basically, given Apple’s non-approving stance towards computer gambling and pornography — and its power to enforce those values in its closed-source software world — and so certain content is granted clearance to become full blown software for download and installation.

That just means that Apple users have to do a few extra steps in order to play, including (1) install a non-Apple Web browser, such as Firefox, (2) find casinos offering ‘no-download’ games, and (3) make sure your Flash and Java plugins are up to date.

Fortunately — and Steve Jobs himself urged this movement — the newest version of the Web’s native software is making cross-platform gaming that happens inside your Web browser (no matter what kind, on what system) the new norm.

This effectively removes the entire problem and issues for Mac casino players. All the major online casino software makers are switching to this newest Web code. So now, let’s put our attention on the available games and types of software currently are offered for Apple users.

Mac-Friendly Casino Software

All the big league game makers including Microgaming, Playtech, Probability and newer studios like Net|Ent putting up stiff competition are all well aware of HTML5, the latest Web code, and its advantages for gamers. This is the new standard they have already adopted, which will spread to encompass all contemporary games.

Such a game can be played inside the browser window from any type of computer, using any type of updated browser. For the moment, there are games written to be used by an Apple system, just relatively less than for Windows — that is changing!

The best mac online casino will vary from person to person, depending upon the style and the community of other players that are desired. All will have identical quality with the regular versions, if not also special features for Apple users.

Another option, which demonstrates the quality and power of the Mac, is its ‘dual boot’ mode. This way, you can run Windows and play any casino game whatsoever in that mode, but on your Apple.

Top Apple-Friendly Casinos

Slots Heaven offers a heavenly sign-up bonus of 200% cash match that can reach up to £400. What you get is more than slots, on top quality software. If you are into jackpot models that have Marvel Comics themes, then you will get plenty of those here. In fact, you will get just about any casino game you want, and many varieties of each, such as Blackjack. You will feel you have gone to heaven, surely. is a major player in the online casino world in a lot of ways other than its heavy-duty name. It offers perhaps the world’s best selection of the massive game portfolio by Playtech, which is in the top five game companies worldwide. Also, you can get a massive £3,200 possible bonus over the course of your first few deposits. On-going promotions will keep you flush to test your skill on literally any casino game you can imagine, some in 3D or with live dealers.

Mansion Online Casino has become a favourite with high-rolling online casino players because its benefits when establishing a bankroll as a new player, and a bonus based upon it, reach up to £5,000. That is the most bonus of any popular online casino for mac that we know of currently. Again, the Playtech game system is in place to keep things rolling fairly, with the most games than an Apple (or Windows) user could want.