Keno Alternatives – Online Casinos with Keno

Why would you want to play Keno instead of pull slots or manage hands in online Poker tournaments, for example? The great thing about current Web-based casinos is the wide, wide range of amusements and serious gambling opportunities they offer us. Keno is a simple game that is perfect to break up sessions in more complex types of games.

In Keno, you choose amongst 80 possible numbers on balls drawn out of a large air-blown cage. You mark your selections on a card on your screen (paper, if you were seated in a land-based casino), then wait for the balls to be drawn.

Keno Is Common

Online casinos that offer the game of Keno are numerous — in fact, just about every gaming system (Microgaming, Playtech, Net|Ent and so forth) gives us Keno. You may, however, form your own attachments to certain brands of games.

TIP : We suggest that you use a casino that hosts multiple brands of game system under one account — this way you can try different versions of this classic, international betting game. Check out places such as these, for multiple game vendors in one place:

Thrills Casino
Next Casino

The Next Bit of Chance

Aside from different versions and adaptations of the game, as we said above, there are in each house (casino) special ‘paytables’ for Keno games. These paytables tell us what kinds of winnings are available for the various numbers of matched numbers we could end up with on a card.

There is no way for us to give you a preview of the countless paytables (and exciting bet bonuses to be found in them) at modern online Keno-friendly casinos on the Web. But once you find a house you like most, just take a look at the various wins possible.

Then just know which sorts of number matching you may get a lucky feeling about and go for it with Keno. Every player will come up with unique ways to select numbers from across the 80 boxes available — a personal skill will be there naturally, yet Keno is generally thought of as a game of chance.

On the other hand, just knowing yourself and which games are lucky for you (maybe simply because you enjoy them!) can take you far. Keno is a great game with roots in ancient China — but you’ll love its high-tech adaptations for your computer or mobile devices!