Let the Games Begin at Bet365 Casino

The fact that the Olympic Games are right around the corner means that not only is the whole of the UK in a tizzy about the fact that they are being held in London, it also means that online casinos are celebrating! And what happens when online casino sites celebrate? You all get to reap the benefits!

There are absolutely tonnes of excellent Olympic themed treats swirling around the online casino world, so if you fancy snapping up some excellent goodies whilst you keep one eye on the TV then make sure you head to Bet365 Casino!

They have literally just released a hot new promo that doesn’t even start until the 27 th, but all the more reason to head to Bet365 Casino Speedy Gonzales style! The Let the Games Begin treat at Bet365 Casino lasts for just 3 days – finishing on the 29th – so make sure that you pack in as much casino game play as possible. This is another comp points based promo that will have you racking up the rewards just for dong what you would already be embarking upon – how could you resist? There is one teeny, tiny requirement: you rack up points playing the sport-themed slots!

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That means checking out the fantastic Golden Games, getting involved in some Ice Hockey action, kicking off the fun in Football Rules and of course spinning that immense Rocky slot! Every time that you spin any of these slots between the 27th and the 29th you will be collecting com points. Each and every single one of those slot games offer the player the chance to bag some delicious jackpots, so you could even snap up a jackpot trying to scoop the Let the Games Begin prize!

And what is the prize, exactly? Well make sure that you hit the Bronze, Silver and Gold targets and you will snap up a bonus at each stage! Spinning enough to hit the Bronze target (750 comp points) will bag you £25, spinning your way to 1,200 points and hitting the Silver target will grab you £50 and snapping up a whopping 2,000 to grab the Gold will lavish you with a terrific £100!

But it doesn’t even end there – Bet365 Casino are so generous that they are going to reward those of you who don’t even hit the Bronze. That’s right – in Bet365 Casino’s eyes it’s the taking part that counts, so as long as you hit 100 spins in total in any of those games you will be entered into a prize draw for a cheeky £10 bonus!