Online Casinos Made Legal in Delaware, USA

For some online casino fans, that fact that we can log on to our favourite no deposit casino site at any time or anywhere is heavily taken for granted, but bear in mind that some countries do not have it as lucky as you. Citizens of the US find it notoriously difficult to find an online casino site that accepts US players, however casino fans hailing from Delaware can breathe a sigh of relief as this state has recently become the very first to accept gambling.

The United States Department of Justice have been making it hard for citizens of the Unites States to get their hands on some gambling action since roughly 2006 and this battle of the Government VS online casino’s came to a head in April 2011 when the proprietors behind the 3 biggest and most popular online casino sites were faced with 20 years behind bars for breaching US money laundering and anti-gambling laws.  Technically gambling is restricted legally within the US however it is widely known that participation in gambling is on the increase, proven very recently by the fact that there is soon to be a bill signed allowing the population of Delaware to play slot games and roulette games online!

Delaware was already one of the few states in which gambling was more available, with 3 large casinos for patrons who like to dabble.  However by 2013, gambling fans will no longer have to leave the comfort of their own homes to grab some casino action.  Thanks to a Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act – that Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act signed – Delaware will be the very first state allowing online casino gambling.  This act followed a vote which ended up splitting citizens almost 50/50, with some citizens fearing that this new law will lead to increased social costs.

So long as the betting is moderated, Delaware residents will be able to take part in online casino games on the websites provided by the 3 casinos in the state; the Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots, the Dover Downs and the Harrington Raceway & Casino.  The state also hopes that by 2013 their citizens will be able to access online casino games on their smartphones, too.

This move will not just make gambling easier and more fun for casino fans, it will also benefit the state economically, too.  The Delaware Governor, Jack Markell, stated, “We’re talking about a couple thousand jobs.  The competitive landscape for this industry has changed dramatically.” The 3 casino’s and 1 poker room in Delaware at the moment employ a staggering 2,500 staff currently and these also generate a staggering $250 million every single year in taxes for the state.

Citizens of Delaware can thank Senate President Anthony DeLuca as he was the one who sponsored the bill, stating that, “We can help protect the jobs and this revenue source for our state.”