Play Online Casino with Class 1 Casino

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Just as the name suggests, Class 1 Casino offers online gamers a touché de classe by lending amazing graphics and a very popular set of games. You can also get hold of a flood of brilliant promotions also, while you are on Class 1 Casino.

Class 1 Casino is relatively a new online casino player on the scene. However, it has already made a very good impression with their brilliant set of games, promos and offers. When you sign up with this online casino site, you get to enjoy a 200% match bonus on the first deposit that you make here. This money gets automatically added to your bingo bonus account after you make the first deposit.

Now, if you make the first deposit using Moneybrokers, then you can claim a special first deposit bonus of 300% at this site

Every time you use e-wallet solutions to make deposits, you will get a 10% e-Wallet bonus. This one combines with the other bonuses that you are eligible for. Furthermore, there is a reload bonus of 40% for every month on Class 1 Casino. There is yet another exclusive offer for the players who make the biggest bets. If you make a deposit of £1000, you will get an extra £1000 for free.

This casino has an excellent collection of around 200 casino games that you can choose from. They also have a nice customer support team that is available 24/7 and this helps a lot if you have doubts while you are playing on this number 1 site.

The site has a very appealing and distinguished look and feel, which gives that critical first impression advantage. In addition to this, they keep offering new casino games and casino promotions which make the players want to keep coming back for more. The jackpots offered at the site are also massive.

Quite openly, Class 1 Casino is probably one of the very best in the online casino gaming industry. With speedy downloads, a well-built customer support team, first-class games, expert staff and exceptional security, there is really nothing more you can ask for. Class 1 Casino is a perfect choice for both, the professional and the amateur online gamers.