Casinos with Scratch Cards

Scratch cards — or ‘scratchies’ as they’re often called — are simple games that are similar to lottery tickets where a player chooses certain parts to rub off in the chance of revealing a winner. Here are a few of our favourite scratch card casinos you should try:

Grand Ivy

The Grand Ivy is a great place for welcome bonuses totalling up to £1,500 and 100 free spins. Play scratchies here alongside the world’s classiest casino games.

Lucky Admiral

A small fortune of £10 free cash and 100% matches on your first 2 deposits will help you learn the ropes of scratch cards or any other games you want at Lucky Admiral. offers its premium 100% match up to £400 to get you started in the big league of scratch cards.

What Are Scratch Cards?

You could think of scratchies as one of the simplest games of pure chance that are available inside an online or mobile casino. For those players who enjoy buying lottery and ‘scratch and win’ stubs when they go shopping (since there is a certain unique thrill about them!), the same fun little game can be enjoyed during online casino sessions.

Many players use scratch cards as ways to break up their time when playing slots, cards or other table games. For instance, you can play some scratch cards whenever you change slot titles or switch games, just to freshen the mind a bit. And you never know: a big winner might be right underneath your next scratch.

How to Play

The formats of casino scratch cards are flexible enough to give you limitless ways to play — but never fear because their hallmark is utter simplicity. Here are some key qualities:

  • Usually scratchies ask you to pick one or more items to win
  • The RTP (or win rate) is similar to slots at around 96-97%
  • Graphics are fairly large and easy to see
  • There are less controls (such as your bets) than slots’
  • Scratch cards are the ultimate easy, quick mobile game

Winning at Scratchies

Indeed, you can win real cash on a scratch card. Generally these games are not offering the highest payouts (not like slots and table games), but there are some that can deliver a life changing win. Many players view scratch card games as a way to boost and bolster their bankrolls without risking too much stakes.

Our Favourite Scratch Games

Irish Eyes Scratch (by NexGen Gaming, found at the Grand Ivy) — Irish Eyes was so popular it has a sequel games. This one’s for those who love old fashioned pipes, Celtic symbols and of course leprechauns.

Dog n’ Roll Scratch (by Cozy Games, found at Lucky Admiral) — Dog’ is associated with a slot, as well, so you can hit up both games for variation, which makes for great little breaks.

Irish Luck Scratch (by Playtech, found at — The one and only Playtech delivers its signature Irish-themed scratchie. Just pick a pot of gold to find a hiding leprechaun to win.

Scratch Cards Have their Place

Since online and mobile casinos these days are so very diverse, with many levels of challenge and difficulty available, scratchies give you a great option for lighter fun. As we said, they make a great break from more intense skill-based games like cards, or the more complex chance-based games like Roulette.

Players who like slots generally like scratch-cards, since they are both in the same class of game. Above all, their simplicity is admirable because it allows the themes and graphics to shine (and many of them are good for many a laugh!).

Top 5 Casino Songs

Many experienced online players have a secret trick that is not possible at land-based casinos. Since they are in their own homes, they put on songs about winning either before or during their gaming sessions! These lucky songs are not to be confused with players’ superstitions because their effect can increase confidence and positive feelings that can contribute to more success.

Where We Love to Rock Out

Although home computers and laptops (but mobile devices, too) make it possible for each player to choose one’s own casino music there are some sites that we think of as more rockin’ than others. The following are bold casinos, just calling out for custom music provided by their members!


When you look at this casino, you can almost imagine that there is exciting music playing in your mind. Maybe it’s Captain Rizk himself, who offers a certain confident attitude, along with unique promotions and the 100% welcome bonus and a chance at free spins on the Wheel of Rizk.

Grand Ivy

For those whose favourite gambling songs may be less raucous, more smooth jazz or classical maybe, there is the elegant ambience of Grand Ivy. The welcome package of up to £1,500 plus 100 free spins, and monthly chances at winning a Benz are plenty of reasons to keep your spirits up and well motivated.

Lucky Admiral

The seafaring theme of Luck Admiral is already an encouraging message, and it’s even better paired with casino songs about good old fashioned high adventure. But the Admiral gives a £10 no deposit offer and up to £1,000 in bonuses to go along with your own musical inspiration.

The Tracks We Love

No doubt you will have your own picks, but this list of awesome songs that we have found inspiring for one reason or another might give you ideas. Keep in mind that a good gambling tune may not be about winning, since music that realistically deals with loss can be a powerful message, too.

Ray Charles, Losing Hand

Obviously a lot of music that refers to gambling also takes the topic of romantic love as a theme also. This combination doesn’t get much better than the legendary Ray Charles, when he says, ‘I gambled on your love, Baby / and got a losing hand’.


The Clash, Three Card Trick

For those of you who find yourselves in a rebellious mood, who want to buck a string of bad luck, or who just prefer the grungy sound of the Clash, this song provides all the rockin’ irony you’ll need!


Juice Newton, Queen Of Hearts

For those of you who cannot resist Country and Western pop fusion, this one from the 70s is irresistible. You will not be able to get its melodies out of your head, even after it stops (which, will probably mean you’ll put it on repeat).


Lady Gaga, Poker Face

Gaga’s mega hit is a great choice, we would say, when you have hit a nice string of wins and you intend to stay in the zone. Hold your poker face, darlings, and just keep on winning along to this addictive beat.


Shape of My Heart, Sting

Alas, when you feel very calm, perhaps reflective, after playing your favourite online casino games, here is one to help you chill out. Let’s hope you’re chilling out after winning a little cash, or breaking even.


Music of Chance

Music seems to make almost anything better. Especially hobbies, sports, and all kinds of individual pastimes. Gambling for real cash, you will probably accept any advantage you can get — and if you haven’t tried playing along to your favourite music, well, go ahead and take a chance on it. You won’t regret it.

Best Live Casino Games

If it wasn’t for all the latest improvements in online gaming technology we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the fantastic and ever growing popular pastime of live casino games.

Difference between Live and Regular Games

As soon as you load up a live casino game you’ll instantly notice the difference between it and regular casino games.

For starters regular games are played by just one player against a machine controlled by the computer. So your strategy for these games always boils down to clicking away on the various controls and hoping you beat the random number generator.

Whilst with live casinos you actually have to show some modicum of skill, especially if you’re playing a card game like Poker as you have to try your best to beat the other players in the game lobby.

Live casinos also allow you to interact with other players so you’ll have a more fun and social atmosphere to your games.

Pros and Cons of Live Casinos

One of the best things about live casinos is that they provide players with a superb social atmosphere as you can freely chat and interact with the other players around you.

You even have the ability to talk to the dealer themselves whilst your game is playing out. In fact the best live casino online games have dealers that are chatty and fun because it lets you enjoy the experience more than if they were stern faced and silent.

Some live casinos also offer a small level of customisation as you can alter the camera angle from a straight on profile shot of the dealer to a wide angle or even a static image of the table from above.

However live casino games do come with a few flaws, chief of which is that gameplay can often be a lot slower than regular games as you have to wait around for everyone to finish wagering.

Another problem is that live casinos can often be quite taxing on your internet bandwidth so if you don’t have a great connection you’re going to experience a lot of lag and stuttering of the live feed.

Finally this last problem is not so prevalent but you might end up in a game with a dealer who can’t speak English, so the language barrier might make communication a bit difficult.

Best Strategy for Live Casinos

But the perhaps the best live casino strategy would be to see what the more successful players are wagering on and try to copy them.

Also if you’re wagering on a Roulette game you could ask the dealer what numbers are hot and which are cold so you can find out what ones are paying out regularly.

Websites That Host Live Games

Thanks to the popularity of live casino games there’s an absolute ton of different website available that offer them within their library.

But rather than having you plugging something like “online casino live games best UK” into your search engine, we’ve done all the leg work and found what we consider to be the best casino sites with live games available.

Slots Heaven:

With Slots Heaven you can get your hands on a brilliant 200% bonus on your first deposit of up to £400 to really get some extra mileage out of your money.

With you can claim a £20 no deposit bonus straight out of the gate, but their generosity doesn’t end there because you can also claim a brilliant 100% cash match bonus on your first deposit of up to £400. Plus re-deposit into your account every Tuesday and you’ll be able to claim a 25% reload bonus.

Mansion Casino:

With Mansion Casino you have two options at your disposal. You could opt for the standard Welcome Bonus that will get you a 100% match on your first deposit of up to £500, or you could go for the High Roller Welcome Bonus. With the latter you get a 50% match on any deposit of up to £5,000.

So the next time you decide to start playing on a casino site, why not check out what fun live games they have available.

Why to Flush a Withdraw

Flushing a withdrawal can be a particularly savvy move for the online casino player, and is often recommended in case of any temptation to ensure you bank your winnings as planned.

What is flushing?

For all you casino rookies, flushing is a process many casino players use in the instance that they have had a big win. Flushing occurs after you have sent your money to be withdrawn. In most cases, when you elect to withdraw your funds, the casino will usually earmark it as ‘pending’ for a period.

This means that should you wish, you can reverse a percentage – or all – of the funds marked for withdrawal back into your casino account. This can be a good thing if you decide that you may have accidentally (or otherwise) chosen to withdraw too much, leaving yourself with no funds to play with in the meantime.

However, it can also prove too much of a temptation for some players, especially if the pending time and whole withdrawal process takes a while, meaning that you could end up transferring all of the winnings back and betting them all away.

Flushing aims to prevent this from happening. In this instance, you are able to ‘flush’ your funds at the pending stage, meaning that although they have not yet been processed into your bank account (or whichever your preferred withdrawal method may be), you will no longer have the option to reverse any of the funds back into your casino account.

Essentially your money is in a sort of limbo until it can be processed, but it means it’s no longer freely available to tempt you. Any good casino worth their salt will allow flushing.

Why Flush Your Withdrawal?

Flushing your withdrawal is a great thing to do as first and foremost it allows you to bank all of your winnings as planned, much like you would make a transfer in a bank – there’s no going back once it’s done.

This then is also beneficial because it eliminates the temptation to spend on further gambling. No doubt you’ve already spent the funds you’re withdrawing in your head already, whether it be enough for an extra night out, a new wardrobe or a lavish purchase.

Yet you may get that niggling thought creeping in at the back of your head saying “it wouldn’t hurt to spend another fiver on a game”. But the fiver will soon turn into a tenner and so on until you realise a few hours later that you’ve actually reversed 90% of your winnings, and they belong to the house once again.

So if willpower isn’t your strong suit, then flushing your withdrawal is an ideal option. Flushing is also a great way to help set yourself gambling limits. Whilst it’s always good practice to set a deposit limit per week or month, and most people usually adhere to this, people often disregard it when it comes to winning.

Sure, you may have only deposited £50 as planned over the week, but including funds you’ve won and reversed from withdrawal, you may have actually spent £200 on gaming. So flushing can help you realise the true value of not only your winnings, but also how much you are actually gambling, helping make you a more responsible player.

In all, most casinos should be offering the option to flush, as it makes them more responsible by discouraging over-gambling. In addition, flushing provides so many benefits to a player, that it is wise and in most cases advisable to consider flushing a withdrawal of any size.

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Online Casinos with Baccarat

Whenever you visit a casino, the first thing you always want to try out is a card game, everyone’s watched enough casino movies or Bond films to think they’re a professional.

You think you’re a shark in a duck pond, but more often than not this is incorrect – you approach a table and immediately have no clue what to do.

This is no truer than we you consider the game of Baccarat, a game that everyone considers to be a pensioner’s game, a game that sounds more confusing than it actually is and is so easy to learn that it’s incredibly popular amongst fans of card games.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game that has all the flair of a professional game but requiring none of the skill to play, gameplay is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is play against the dealer and get a hand that’s closer to nine than theirs.

Baccarat features a strange rule, only the last digit of your total from your cards counts. So say for example you were to get a seven and a six, this results in a thirteen, but your total would only be three, this is why it’s more difficult to get to nine than it initially appears.

Baccarat’s so popular in fact that several spin offs of the game exist, with each genre featuring a different set of rules, the most regularly played of which is Punto Banco.

Other games available

Although if an online Baccarat game isn’t your thing, you could check out some other card based games that have a high RTP like Baccarat does.

For example you could play Blackjack, this game is fairly similar to Baccarat, only instead of nine you have to get to twenty one without going over it, if you do, you ‘bust’ and you don’t win.

You normally play against the dealer and depending on how good you are you can win quite a lot of money from this game.

Another option is Roulette; where you have to wager on where you think a ball will land after a wheel has stopped spinning.

In Roulette, there’s a vast variety of different ways in which you can wager on the game. From individual numbers to red or black squares, odd or even numbers or you could use one of the brilliant pre-programmed options that will set your chips on the board in an appropriate strategy that guarantees some sort of victory.

Although these games are great, they have nothing on the ease and general speed of a game of Baccarat, they don’t have the same sort of satisfaction that getting your total dead on nine does. However, that still doesn’t mean they’re not a nice alternative.

Websites that offer Baccarat

Because of its popularity amongst online casino users, there are countless websites that allow you to play Online Baccarat, each with its own unique bonuses to take advantage of when you sign up.

But rather than have you hunt through the internet to try and find the best one, we’ve decided to create a small list of what we think are the best online casinos with Baccarat to play on.

Thrills Casino:

Members of Thrills get a fabulous 100% bonus on their first deposit of £20 or more when they register for an account and use the code ‘Welcome 1’. But the bonus doesn’t end there; you also get fifty free spins on the superb space age slot game Starburst.

Mecca Bingo:

New players joining Mecca Bingo have the chance to get a brilliant bonus when they make their first deposit. Deposit just £10 to get an additional £40 to use plus an extra £10 to use on any one of Meccas brilliant Bingo games.

Paddy Power:

Paddy Power have an incredibly generous sign up bonus, not only will new players get £5 free when they register for an account, but there’s also a 100% cash match bonus of up to £200.

So say you were to deposit £100 into your account, Paddy Power would cash match you with an extra £100, landing you £200 to spend on any game you want in their great library.

Winner Casino


Winner Casino reviews are a dime a dozen out there, but we have prepared a review that will really dig in and provide you with any info you might want to know about

WinnerCasino is one of the well established new casino sites powered by the famous online casino software provider Playtech. This safe and secured site (using 128 bit SSL encryption technology) is licensed in Antigua. Winner Casino takes pride in the online gaming community they managed to create, evidenced by their many followers on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and even Digg.

Click HERE to Play Winner Casino


Click HERE to Play Winner Casino

Winner Casino is a part of the umbrella of sites that include many online games such as poker, casino and sports betting. Their official casino site is at, but you can also go to to join in. The great thing about playing in an umbrella site is that if you enjoy poker or sportsbetting as well, you can always use your casino account to play the other games offers, without going through another registration process. With a progressive jackpot of six figures and a very generous £1,000 welcome bonus – there is really no reason not to. We put together this comprehensive Winner Casino review to provide you with any information you might require before joining the family.

WinnerCasino offers a nice selection of games to its players, including but not limited to Baccarat, Black Jack, casino Hold’em, Roulette, Video Poker, and of course the fans favorite – a wide selection of slot machines that includes different numbers of reels and bonus rounds. The games have all the state of the art features like auto spin or auto deal and at the same time they are very self explanatory and user oriented, which makes them perfect for pros as well as first timers. It is very clear just by testing the different game types that Winner Casino put a lot of thought and effort into making their software both easy on the eye and competitive in relation to the other different products out there. Our favorites were the branded games – Rocky, which is based on the boxing movie and the Pink Panther, which is based on the animated film, but with such a huge selection of games, anyone can find their favorite on

new online casinoClick to Claim Your £1,000 FREE Casino Bonus @ Winner Casino

No deposit bonuses at Winner Casino are very high considering the market standard. It consists of a first and second deposit bonuses of 100% and 150% respectably, and continues with a reload bonus of 100% on any deposit made in the 4 months period after registration. For any subsequent deposits after that the no deposit bonus is 15%. If you are looking to earn some extra no deposit bonus you can refer a friend to the site and you’ll receive £25 for each friend that plays for real money. There is also a loyalty program in addition to a comps program for players that like to stick in one place.

If it’s good, efficient, friendly service you’re after, don’t disappoint. The site is the best place to start if you are looking for any assistance, the FAQ page is extremely useful and gathers all the frequently asked questions in one page, with short and simple answers that even those who aren’t computer freaks can easily understand. Contacting the customer service team is possible in a few ways – you can either phone in (24 hour 7 days a week), or email the team and get their detailed response. VIP players have a special email address they can use with a shorter waiting period, but for the regular folks it’s also pretty fast. also encourages players to send over their feedback, ideas for improvements and thoughts about the site, and posts a special email box just for that – so make sure you use it after you’ve tried the site and formed your opinion on it.

Magic Box Casino

With a perfect Playtech software platform, the Magic Box Casino games are highly playable and offer great Casino features. Exciting Slot games, Table and Card games, Video Poker, and more. Special 15% and 100% cash match Bonuses for using Ukash and other alternative payment methods!

Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino UK is an incredible online gaming site that allows players to play instantly without the worry of a download. The casino has excellent graphics and the sounds are realistic enough to make you believe that you are at a real casino, not sat in your bedroom on your cracking laptop. The site is easy to use and incredibly friendly, and it offers an inviting 100% welcome bonus that lets you claim up to £100 in cash, plus huge Mega Jackpots of up to £3,000,000!

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Click HERE to Play Virgin Casino

It is easy to register at VirginCasino and players are instantly verified as members and can enjoy the playing experience from that moment on. This new casino site offers over 100 in total it is unlikely that you will ever want to sign off and go anywhere else. The games that are provided are of excellent quality and really reach out to the souls of their players. Many of the all time favourites include Poker, Roulette, Slots, Keno, Baccarat, Craps and many more.

There are different promotions offered all the time at Virgin Casino not just when you first sign up; they will continue throughout your time here. There are huge deposit bonuses available alongside Virgin loyalty points so that you can earn as you play to get more for your money. Something different goes on every day at Virgin casino giving each player a new excuse to sign in every single day of the week. As each player will quite often want to take a friend along to share the great experience they will both be awarded with 100 points to say thank you for coming.

It is so easy to fund your account at Virgin casino and they accept a huge range of payment methods including PayPal so you can sell all your junk on eBay and spend your money on winning fantastic prizes and having a great time. Other frequently used payment methods include Neteller, debit and Credit cards. All transactions are extremely safe as virgin take the security of their members very seriously indeed and use 3D secure to ensure that you are who you say you are; it is widely believed that this extremely reduces the risk of fraud. Virgin will never give your details to anyone else without your express permission first so you know you can play with a site that you can trust when you believe in Virgin Casino.

new online casino

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Royal Vegas Casino

Experience the ‘Real Deal’ of Las Vegas @ Royal Vegas Casino. Progressive Jackpots exceed €1,000,000, and you will never get bored with almost 400 live casino games, and 24/7 non-stop Blackjack action. The deposit bonuses are absolutely fabulous, up to €1,200, and you get an impressive €100 for player referral. Start playing instantly and claim your FREE Bonus today!

Jackpotcity Casino

Established in 1997, Jackpotcity Casino has some fabulous Bonuses in stock for new players; a brilliant €200 welcome bonus for 1st time depositors and an even better €300 bonus for your 2nd deposit. That’s €500 alltogether for your first deposits! Win up to €20,000 in weekly slot tournaments without spending a dime! And the Jackpots are huge at over €3M!