Casino Bonuses for Newbies and Pros

From newbies to seasoned pros, by way of intermediate gamers, this is a bonus guide for every level of casino player. Just check the section that best describes you in order to find something helpful.

Where to Find Great Bonuses

The following casino bonuses have been selected with variety in mind, as every type of player deserves to have extra gaming time.

Moobile Games

Make a first deposit and you will get a 100% bonus up to £150 plus £20 worth of casino bonuses no deposit funds. There will even be another £375 to come.

Top Dog Slots

You can get three 100% bonuses up to £200 – plus 60 Starburst spins overall – when you join this pack. Top Dog Slots also has high roller casino bonus opportunities for VIPs.

Rizk Casino

Deposit £50 with Rizk Casino and you will get to play with £100 instead. You will then receive 10 free spins per day until you reach 50.

mFortune Casino

mFortune will let newbies play free with a £5 no deposit bonus. The casino also has a 100% match bonus up to £100 and has various VIP bonuses to give away.

The Beginner

The typical beginner is still gaining experience and building their bankroll. Therefore, it makes sense to keep things slow until you’re ready for the bigger stage. Here is a breakdown of the bonuses that are best-suited to newbies.

Welcome Packages

This is the holy grail for newbies because it means you get to start off with a package of great offers. Quite often, this will start with no deposit bonus or free spins. Following this trial stage, players might then receive casino deposit bonuses plus more free spins.

Free Spins

Free spins are uncomplicated in that you just start having turns on video slots. Considering their suitability to being awarded in smaller increments of 10 or 20, this makes them ideal for casinos to give them away on a weekly basis in promotions.

Free Games

By entering into trial mode and playing games for free, you are able to have a go at understanding how they work – and without risking your valuable funds.

The Intermediate Player

Intermediate players are getting more familiar with casino games and are also savvier when it comes to finding and making the most of the offers out there.

Deposit Bonuses

When signing up for a welcome bonus, the intermediate player might also check the promotional section to see if they will continue to receive reload bonuses on their next deposits.

Refer a Friend

Remember to watch out for friend referral offers. If you can encourage a friend to sign up and deposit, then you could be rewarded with bonus funds.

Social Media Offers

It pays to follow your casino site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever else they have a presence. You might just be able to clam a special bonus code from time to time.

Promotional Offers

Some casino sites get very creative with their promotional offers. And some of the best would have to be the prize draws or leaderboard challenges – these are typically centred on wagering.

The Pro

Seasoned pros are all about leveraging the power of higher stakes to secure larger jackpots. There is added risk with this style, but seasoned pros try to factor this into their wagering strategies.

High Roller Offers

These are not especially common, but some casino sites will provide exclusive high roller welcome bonuses in exchange for larger deposits (usually £500+). The common 100% bonus level decreases, however, in exchange for the value of a high roller bonus being larger than standard offers.

VIP Schemes

This is the lifeblood for high rollers, who can expect to receive better and better bonuses by wagering to hit specified monthly wagering levels (often dictated by comp points). Deposit bonuses, free spins, and exchangeable comp points are just a few of the benefits.

Terms & Conditions

Players of every level should be aware of the most common bonus terms and conditions that they will most commonly face – pay close attention for the following:

  • Sticky vs. non-sticky bonuses: This most commonly applies to bonuses or free spins that are acquired through no deposit means. Sticky bonuses can never be removed, but it’s easier to receive winnings, whereas non-sticky bonuses are the opposite.
  • Wagering requirements: These are dictated by a multiplier that determines how many times you have to play through the funds. Watch out to see if the requirements will also be applied against your deposit.
  • Withdrawal limits: Casinos usually impose a higher minimum withdrawal level than for when you deposit. For example, you might be allowed to deposit £5 while the casino will require that you have £30 to make a withdrawal.

There are casino bonuses to benefit every player. Make sure to check back if you rise through the above levels and need more details.

In-depth: Slot Bonuses

Slots bonuses are an extremely effective offer for players because they are quite common and give players the potential to win. But you can find out more in this slots bonus guide.

Top Casinos for a Slots Bonus

The following casinos have been highlighted for their fine selection of mobile-compatible slots and array of slots with bonus offers:

  • Rizk Casino: It can all begin with a 100% welcome deal up to £100 along with a slots bonus of 50 extra spins.
  • Grand Ivy: Epic is the word to describe Grand Ivy. Just imagine being able to sign up for a £1,500 welcome package and 100 spins for an array of slot games.
  • Lucky Admiral: Start your voyage with 10 no deposit spins for Fish & Chips. You can then choose a 100% match bonus plus 20 free spins for Starburst.

What Slots Bonuses Are There?

You must be aware that there are several types of slot bonus out there, but the following are easily the most common that you will encounter…

Free Spins

These free slots bonuses are the simplest whenever you get to claim them with no deposit, but they can also be available in welcome packages. Fundamentally, these will be awarded as complimentary spins that are delivered at a set value and for specified slots.

No Deposit and Deposit Slots Bonus

You can also encounter slots no deposit bonuses or else bonuses that are triggered with cash deposits. Starting with no deposit offers, these will give you a low amount of credit (e.g. £10) without having to spend any money. Alternatively, a deposit bonus might enable you to claim £200 in a 100% offer.

Free Rounds Bonus

This next bonus is not quite so common, but there are some offers when players will receive free access to bonus rounds in slot games. When these aren’t available, you will still be able to trigger bonus rounds from completing in-game actions, such as matching scatter symbols.

In-game Bonuses

Next up are the multipliers that can be triggered from inside of games. One of the best examples would be for the slot games that offer supercharged multipliers whenever multiple wild symbols are matches on paylines.

Cash Back Bonuses

There are many casinos out there that will award cash back bonuses that form a percentage of losses incurred on slot games. This is a helpful deal in that players can claim back some funds to try again. Lucky Admiral Casino is one example of a cash back destination.

Slot Promos

Another leading example is when players encounter slot promotions where spins or bonuses are awarded exclusively for newly released titles. In the past, this has seen Rizk Casino encourage users to play NetEnt’s Warlords: Crystals of Power slot.

Pick and Match Prizes and Pick to Win Prizes

Casinos have the creative license to launch all manner of promotions. Quite often, this can result in casinos challenging players to engage in side games to determine the size of the slots bonuses that they receive. This will sometimes result in casinos hosting games such as the spinning wheels that end up awarding bonus funds.

Exclusive Bonuses

The loyal players out there can express their long-term loyalty to a casino by continuing to wager. In return for that loyalty, there are many casinos that will give the players rewards via their VIP schemes. This can lead to enhanced deposit bonuses and free bonuses, while comp points can be exchanged for cash at a later stage.

Are There Ts & Cs I Need to Know?

Terms and conditions are never far away in casino bonuses, which is why you need to be aware of the following factors:

  • Wagering requirements: These are used to determine the play-through value that must be achieved before bonuses can be taken out of a casino as cash.
  • Cashable bonuses: This is all in the name. Essentially, you will have the opportunity to play through these bonuses and eventually turn them into cash. However, this is quite difficult due to the high wagering requirements.
  • Sticky slots bonuses: In this case, bonuses cannot be withdrawn as cash. But they are appealing to claim because players will usually get to keep what they win up to a certain value. There is a great chance of winning, but this will be less than for cashable bonuses.
  • Approved slots: The terms and conditions might reveal that some slot games will not be eligible for play with bonus funds, with progressive jackpots being a frequent example.
  • Deposit values: The casino will dictate the minimum to maximum range of deposit that will be permitted to receive these bonuses.
  • Minimum withdrawal: You must also realise that casinos implement minimum withdrawal values for claiming bonus winnings.

Well, that brings this guide to a close. Remember all of this advice and you can have a much more effective experience with slot bonuses.

Slot Variance Explained

Variance is a concept that is used to determine how frequently and how much a slot game will pay out. For players, slot machine variance is not a concept that is often considered, but it’s worth thinking about the next time you’re playing a game.

Low Variance Slots

An excellent starting point is to define low variance slots, as these are extremely common at casino sites. Fundamentally, these are slot games where you will win quite frequently, but those wins will be at relatively low levels.

Key Characteristics

Considering the factors above, it’s a valuable exercise to highlight the key characteristics for low variance:

  • Win frequency: High
  • Payout value: Low
  • Jackpot potential: Low
  • Risk level: Low

Why Play Low Variance?

Okay, so now that the basics have been outlined, it’s time to present the case for why you would want to play these slots:

  • Clearing bonus funds: Low variance slot games are designed to turn over your balance and deliver frequent winnings. You might be up for a while and you might be down for a while, or vice versa. This is a perfect type of slot for clearing, let’s say, a £10 at 40x wagering requirements for a value of £400.
  • Avoiding risk: These slots typically offer extremely small entry costs in terms of wagering. This appeals to players using a small bankroll and wishing to make the most of their stake.

Why Would You Not?

Having understand the positives, it’s now time to go in the other direction and discuss a couple of the drawbacks:

  • Drawn-out gaming: These slots are going to have you playing for much longer, which isn’t for everyone. Plus, they are also often known to be low on special features, so there might not be much to stick around for – make sure to check.
  • Low rewards: The lure of a 500x jackpot mightn’t be exciting for every player. Additionally, those jackpots aren’t paid out all that often on low variance slots. Instead, it tends to be the lower and midlevel rewards that land.

High Variance Slots

For the sake of simplicity, you should think of high variance slots as being the absolute opposite to low variance. By nature, these are slots where you will win much less often. When you do, though, the winnings might be very handsome indeed.

Key Characteristics

To break down the nature of these slots, it helps to see their key characteristics clearly presented:

  • Win frequency: Low
  • Payout value: High
  • Jackpot potential: High
  • Risk level: High

Why Play High Variance?

The case for high variance is very different to low variance, as you can see from the advantages below:

  • Big-time winnings: High variance slots can offer huge multipliers in the base game alone, and that’s before taking into consideration the progressive jackpot and special features that might be available. You will win less often, but the promise of possibly winning hundreds of thousands of pounds might drive you on.
  • More exciting slots: These slots are typically at a more advanced level where software developers focus a higher percentage of their resources on creating them. As a result, you will probably encounter better themes, licenses, and bonuses.

Why Would You Not?

High variance is obviously a flashier way to play, but it’s not going to suit everyone. For instance, here are some cases against wagering on these types of online slots:

  • To clear bonus funds: The value of bonus funds is in their ability to be gradually cleared through long-term wagering at a low level of risk. A high variance slot is much more likely to cause you to blow all of your funds in the space of an hour.
  • When using bonus funds: If you can clear bonus funds, then you have extra cash. However, they will become a hindrance if you are playing high variance slots. Let’s say that you win £1,000 with a £20 bonus at 50x wagering requirements. You would have to wager £1,000 before you would receive those winnings.

Tips for Determining Variance

As a closing section, you are going to receive some helpful tips for figuring out whether your slot machine is high or low variance:

  • Look at the paytable: If the jackpot doesn’t break 500x, then you are in the realm of low variance.
  • Check the lowest wager: On a slot with 25 unfixed paylines and a £0.01 minimum line bet, you are playing at low variance.
  • Monitor your winnings: Are you churning wins of £0.12, £0.27, and £0.21 like it’s nobody’s business? This is a sure-fire indicator of low variance.
  • RTP doesn’t matter: When comparing a 93.0% and a 97.0% return to player percentage, it can have no bearing on variance. A 97.0% slot could still be high variance based on its winnings.

Variance essentially boils down to risk, payouts, and frequency. Consider each of those factors and you will quickly determine which type of slot you are playing.

Casual Casino Games

mFortuneKeep all your winnings with mFortune Casino! Get your £5 Free!

With so much mainstream attention focusing upon skill-based games such as live-dealer poker for real cash, it can be easy to forget how awesome casual games can be. There are good reasons that games like bingo, scratch cards, sweepstakes and arcade style titles are booming inside Facebook and on free gaming sites. Here are a few exceptional examples:

Keno at Lucky Admiral

The blog at Lucky Admiral points out that Keno is not as known as poker but is very common to casinos worldwide. Keno’s lottery like experience is perfect for players who don’t want to be in high stress situations — Lucky Admiral has bonuses throughout the week to make playing this game cheap and easy.

Scratch Games at Grand Ivy

Playing a just for fun game like Ace by NetEnt at the Grand Ivy Casino is a great diversion and break if you’re playing its serious table games or jackpot slots. The ‘Ivy has numerous excellent promotions, including a free Mercedes Benz prize every month.

Bingo at mFortune

If you love bingo then we would suggest that you focus on the games from mFortune, which it makes in-house, and are patronised by a warm, loyal community of players. The bonuses from this site are ‘keep what you win’, or in other words free from wagering requirements!

What’s Great About Casual Games

Whether you want to use casual casino games (either low stakes or free) for breaks in gambling sessions or for the unique entertainment value that they offer is up to you.

Player Friendly

Probably the most attractive quality of casual games online or as native apps for your phone or tablet is that they are extremely easy to pick up and start playing. For most of them there is virtually no learning curve, and no strategy to master. They are designed to be self-explanatory and fun right out of the box, so to speak.

Grin Factor

The aim of starting up a casual game is for the pure fun of playing it — and this is exactly the game designers’ goal. Some may enable some small stakes thrown into the bargain (even if it’s just a chance at a raffle or modest jackpot, or prizes, perhaps recognition). But the real point is to get some light entertainment, and plenty of laughs.

Mobile Entertainment

Given how quick and easy a casual title is to begin enjoying, and their lack of complexity (even in most of the graphics), this type of game is ideal for a mobile player. They are perfect to pull out while on a bus or tube ride, or waiting at a cab stop. Since there may be no cash involved, there is no risk of losing while distracted.

Real Winnings from Casual Games?

Sure, there are some light casino games that offer chances to bet small amounts and win jackpots in addition to no-cost options. Will you win as much as with serious table games or progressive slots? Probably not. And yet you can probably find even a free games casual title that may have a drawing attached, or a giant prize, for a small number of lucky players.

The main ‘winning’ that players of these games expect is plenty of belly laughs, imaginary windfalls, or inside jokes with their friends who also play. Many of the games substitute minor forms of joking recognition between players (especially games integrated within Facebook) for any real money or cash bonuses.

On the other hand, you should realise that although casual games may not have big cash prizes or require a bankroll to participate, inside a social network you may be asked to purchase credits or chips to continue playing. Although an app may be free to download and install, and there will be complementary gameplay, you may have to pay to unlock new levels or buy in-game credits (such as bingo cards). But players of these games obviously find the fun well worth the modest costs!

Casinos with Low Wagering Requirements

At online casinos, bonus funds are not just free cash. By design, they are provided as a means of rewarding players for signing up and to increase their gaming time. For the players who do well, the funds can eventually become cash, but they need to play smart in order to make this happen. And this is where wagering requirements come in.

Casinos with Low Wagering Requirements

  • Rizk Casino – The low wagering casino bonuses start at Rizk Casino, as the 100% welcome offer only applies the 45x requirements the bonus funds.
  • Grand Ivy – New players have a £1,500 welcome package where deposit + bonus funds will be combined and subject to 35x requirements.
  • Kaboo Casino – The 100% welcome bonus has 30x requirements on the deposit + bonus value, which is essentially 60x.

How Wagering Requirements Work

Wagering requirements is a term used to explain how many times a bonus value must be played through before it will be converted to cash. Without them casinos would go bankrupt because players could just keep the cash, but the more important reason for them is because they prevent criminals from using casino bonuses to launder their illegal earnings.

Requirements in Action

Understanding how wagering requirements work is much simpler when you have an example to guide you. In this particular example, player A has deposited £10 for a £20 welcome bonus with 40x wagering requirements. To clear the requirements, will have to wager the bonus funds to a value of £20 x 40 = £800.

Before committing to a bonus, you need to check if the wagering requirements also apply to the value of your cash deposit. If this is the case then you will also have to clear requirements on the deposit, which effectively doubles what you though you had to clear.

Are There Ever No Requirements?

Encountering no requirements is the equivalent of seeing a shooting star in an urban area – you might just find one, but it’s highly unlikely. If you do find an offer with no requirements, it’s likely to be for a no deposit offer where there is a ceiling on the winnings and the bonus funds cannot be withdrawn.

One such example is when you sign up at mFortune for the £5 no deposit offer. This mobile casino will let you play on slot games and retain the winnings up to £20. There is an excellent selection of slot titles to pick from, with leading lights including Quest for Fire, Gold Blast, Viking Storm, and Gold MacDonald.

Time Limits Are Enforced

Online casinos will not leave bonus funds active forever. Look to the terms and conditions for any offer and there will be an expiration limit quotes. For the generous sites, you can expect to see four weeks or a month, whereas the tougher sites will remove funds after just seven days or fewer.

Different Levels for Some Games

For new players, one of the most common mistakes with online casino low wagering requirements is that they accidentally increase them by using their bonus funds on the wrong games. It is understandable that players would see blackjack or roulette as being simple games for clearing their requirements, but unfortunately this is not possible.

Basically, those games are too balanced in their outcomes that it means players would be able to exploit casinos and bankrupt them. To guard against this, casinos will typically downgrade requirements to 10% of the standard rate. Meanwhile, most slot games are classed as 100% – it’s always worth checking.

By understanding the wagering requirements of your bonus funds, you stand a greater chance of being able to eventually convert them into cash.