Casual Casino Games

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With so much mainstream attention focusing upon skill-based games such as live-dealer poker for real cash, it can be easy to forget how awesome casual games can be. There are good reasons that games like bingo, scratch cards, sweepstakes and arcade style titles are booming inside Facebook and on free gaming sites. Here are a few exceptional examples:

Keno at Lucky Admiral

The blog at Lucky Admiral points out that Keno is not as known as poker but is very common to casinos worldwide. Keno’s lottery like experience is perfect for players who don’t want to be in high stress situations — Lucky Admiral has bonuses throughout the week to make playing this game cheap and easy.

Scratch Games at Grand Ivy

Playing a just for fun game like Ace by NetEnt at the Grand Ivy Casino is a great diversion and break if you’re playing its serious table games or jackpot slots. The ‘Ivy has numerous excellent promotions, including a free Mercedes Benz prize every month.

Bingo at mFortune

If you love bingo then we would suggest that you focus on the games from mFortune, which it makes in-house, and are patronised by a warm, loyal community of players. The bonuses from this site are ‘keep what you win’, or in other words free from wagering requirements!

What’s Great About Casual Games

Whether you want to use casual casino games (either low stakes or free) for breaks in gambling sessions or for the unique entertainment value that they offer is up to you.

Player Friendly

Probably the most attractive quality of casual games online or as native apps for your phone or tablet is that they are extremely easy to pick up and start playing. For most of them there is virtually no learning curve, and no strategy to master. They are designed to be self-explanatory and fun right out of the box, so to speak.

Grin Factor

The aim of starting up a casual game is for the pure fun of playing it — and this is exactly the game designers’ goal. Some may enable some small stakes thrown into the bargain (even if it’s just a chance at a raffle or modest jackpot, or prizes, perhaps recognition). But the real point is to get some light entertainment, and plenty of laughs.

Mobile Entertainment

Given how quick and easy a casual title is to begin enjoying, and their lack of complexity (even in most of the graphics), this type of game is ideal for a mobile player. They are perfect to pull out while on a bus or tube ride, or waiting at a cab stop. Since there may be no cash involved, there is no risk of losing while distracted.

Real Winnings from Casual Games?

Sure, there are some light casino games that offer chances to bet small amounts and win jackpots in addition to no-cost options. Will you win as much as with serious table games or progressive slots? Probably not. And yet you can probably find even a free games casual title that may have a drawing attached, or a giant prize, for a small number of lucky players.

The main ‘winning’ that players of these games expect is plenty of belly laughs, imaginary windfalls, or inside jokes with their friends who also play. Many of the games substitute minor forms of joking recognition between players (especially games integrated within Facebook) for any real money or cash bonuses.

On the other hand, you should realise that although casual games may not have big cash prizes or require a bankroll to participate, inside a social network you may be asked to purchase credits or chips to continue playing. Although an app may be free to download and install, and there will be complementary gameplay, you may have to pay to unlock new levels or buy in-game credits (such as bingo cards). But players of these games obviously find the fun well worth the modest costs!