Casinos with Scratch Cards

Scratch cards — or ‘scratchies’ as they’re often called — are simple games that are similar to lottery tickets where a player chooses certain parts to rub off in the chance of revealing a winner. Here are a few of our favourite scratch card casinos you should try:

Grand Ivy

The Grand Ivy is a great place for welcome bonuses totalling up to £1,500 and 100 free spins. Play scratchies here alongside the world’s classiest casino games.

Lucky Admiral

A small fortune of £10 free cash and 100% matches on your first 2 deposits will help you learn the ropes of scratch cards or any other games you want at Lucky Admiral. offers its premium 100% match up to £400 to get you started in the big league of scratch cards.

What Are Scratch Cards?

You could think of scratchies as one of the simplest games of pure chance that are available inside an online or mobile casino. For those players who enjoy buying lottery and ‘scratch and win’ stubs when they go shopping (since there is a certain unique thrill about them!), the same fun little game can be enjoyed during online casino sessions.

Many players use scratch cards as ways to break up their time when playing slots, cards or other table games. For instance, you can play some scratch cards whenever you change slot titles or switch games, just to freshen the mind a bit. And you never know: a big winner might be right underneath your next scratch.

How to Play

The formats of casino scratch cards are flexible enough to give you limitless ways to play — but never fear because their hallmark is utter simplicity. Here are some key qualities:

  • Usually scratchies ask you to pick one or more items to win
  • The RTP (or win rate) is similar to slots at around 96-97%
  • Graphics are fairly large and easy to see
  • There are less controls (such as your bets) than slots’
  • Scratch cards are the ultimate easy, quick mobile game

Winning at Scratchies

Indeed, you can win real cash on a scratch card. Generally these games are not offering the highest payouts (not like slots and table games), but there are some that can deliver a life changing win. Many players view scratch card games as a way to boost and bolster their bankrolls without risking too much stakes.

Our Favourite Scratch Games

Irish Eyes Scratch (by NexGen Gaming, found at the Grand Ivy) — Irish Eyes was so popular it has a sequel games. This one’s for those who love old fashioned pipes, Celtic symbols and of course leprechauns.

Dog n’ Roll Scratch (by Cozy Games, found at Lucky Admiral) — Dog’ is associated with a slot, as well, so you can hit up both games for variation, which makes for great little breaks.

Irish Luck Scratch (by Playtech, found at — The one and only Playtech delivers its signature Irish-themed scratchie. Just pick a pot of gold to find a hiding leprechaun to win.

Scratch Cards Have their Place

Since online and mobile casinos these days are so very diverse, with many levels of challenge and difficulty available, scratchies give you a great option for lighter fun. As we said, they make a great break from more intense skill-based games like cards, or the more complex chance-based games like Roulette.

Players who like slots generally like scratch-cards, since they are both in the same class of game. Above all, their simplicity is admirable because it allows the themes and graphics to shine (and many of them are good for many a laugh!).