Casinos like 888

888 is becoming a benchmark in the online casino industry. For players, it is becoming a household name in homes with casino buffs. A fair question for those wishing to branch out a bit is, are there casinos like 888?

Well, first of all, what’s superb enough about 888 that others will copy it? The games, for one, are custom made in-house. Next, there is a robust community of players (that one is impossible to fake or to create overnight).

Bonuses at 888 are also fair and attractive, not the run-of-mill offers. Mobile capabilities are top-notch. Lastly, since 888 is an industry-leader it has superior customer support and banking.

Let’s take a look at some examples in each of the main areas where 888 is awesome.

Similar Games

When it comes to high quality games that are custom made for a particular community of players by their house, mFortune comes to mind. PocketFruity, too, makes its own games, which means it comes in for two comparable qualities (see below).

Although mFortune does not offer the range and scope of the 888 portfolio, it scores higher in an unrelated benefit: bonus. The mFortune free £5 and cash match up to £100 have no strings attached (if you win, you take home your cash).

Mobile Compatibility

When it comes to helping all people play regardless of what kind of device they’re using, the situation is improving rapidly. The WWW itself has been upgraded to serve mobile users faster and more securely (not as a 2nd class community).

For that reason, compatibility is not as big an issue as it was before, unless you use an outlying or up-and-coming brand such as Blackberry or the new Windows 8 RT. Apple and Android, you can bet, are fully serviced by the majority of casinos.

An example of just how accessible a mainstream casino is, we can look at the newbie, Thrills. It has a wild new layout and approach to a casino site — much more spacious and a bit creative. Its gaming is handled by another hot new brand, Net|Ent, with cinema-like slots. Up to £200 in deposit bonus and 50 free spins as a no-deposit draw.

Customer Focus with Similar Bonuses

PocketFruity, as we said above, scores highly in comparison with 888 on two fronts. In addition to great support for players (mobile players, predominantly), PocketFruity also makes its own games especially for its own community.

888 offers a cool £200 welcome package and exciting promotions. You’ll get £8 every time the Roulette ball lands on 8, by the way! PocketFruity, on the other hand, has the very competitive £10 free and 100% deposit matches up to £20.

Basically, folks, 888 is a world-famous online casino brand with over 20 million registered players. Very few casinos are in that league. You may find some of its graces at other great casinos, like the ones we suggested, but only 888 gives you all of it.