Casino Loyalty Rewards

You may be wondering what exactly this buzzword ‘loyalty’ means when online casinos use it to describe programs meant to lure in new players or dazzle existing members. Let’s take a look at where the loyalty is flowing — from you to casino or vice versa?

NOTE: A loyalty program is designed by a casino and offered to members in order to increase their loyalty to the house, by keeping them happier.

You might say that such programs are intended to show loyalty towards members, as well, and that is why members should end up having more loyalty towards the house. It’s a two-way-street, a give-and-receive sort of thing.

Now that we know the essence of this promotional idea, how is it applied by casinos? Each casino will express it a bit differently; some refer to specific benefits and rewards, and others promote loyalty throughout all the specials offered.

Loyalty Programs vs VIP Status

You also may have seen casinos talk about VIP or Very Important Player status. This is very different from standard casino loyalty schemes open to all players (who have matured past the introductory phase). An online casino VIP program is a house’s way of revering its high-roller players, basically.

A player who has shown great loyalty to the house by depositing and playing plenty will eventually be offered VIP status, or, in some cases a higher-profile player (perhaps with a huge bankroll) can buy into it.

Restrictions on Loyalty Benefits

Most loyalty benefits, of the hard, specific variety, will come to players as points, and may be named as the house’s currency. Just like the bonuses that are offered as welcome to new members, which have restrictions called wagering requirements at the least, any in-casino credits or points will also have the same betting quotas.

An exception could be a casino with a gift store, or tie-ups with online retailers like Amazon, where points can be exchanged as if cash for items of merchandise or services. In this case one gets more or less instant gratification.

Where to Get Loyal

The most important question for a player who finally has a handle upon online casino loyalty programs is probably which sites offers such benefits, right?

The good news is that this ‘loyalty’ trend is nearly universal. Even a casino without a robust program will try to suggest it has loyalty benefits — such is the importance of loyalty in the casino world. That does not mean, however, that all programs are generous or hassle-free.

We thought you might like to go through a few top casinos with us on the basis of their loyalty rewards, to get a sense of how they present them and what seems most valuable. — Here at this landmark online casino, the loyalty points that any player earns with all real cash betting (not with bonus cash) adds up to two benefits: one, the player can buy bonuses with the points, and two, all points ever earned decides your VIP status. It’s all clearly connected at VIPs get even better rates of value for their points. The nice charts make all this easy to digest.

Slots Heaven — The program, loyalty levels and so forth at Slots Heaven is the same as, except that your points are called Casino VIP Loyalty Points. The levels a player reaches by amassing points are Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP and VIP Elite (by invitation only). For  example, on the Gold level, you’ll receive 5% as cash for every 100 points you redeem (double the rate of Bronze level).

LuckyAdmiral — of our three examples, for variation, LuckyAdmiral Online Casino has a less specific loyalty approach. Here, there is no stated loyalty scheme, tiers to remember or levels to hit. A casino like LuckyAdmiral is known for its solid, though basic looking promotions and stellar player support. Loyalty is offered through a Refer a Friend  reward, 10% cash back on slots, weekly tournaments and ongoing reload bonuses.

So you see, there is a loyalty program from a casino to fit you. Remember that the best online casino VIP benefits come from ongoing generosity from a casino toward every player. We have found that this creates the best atmosphere, even though special VIP courtesies may be bestowed to high rollers. Be loyal, and you’ll get loyalty rewards from an online casino — that’s the way it rolls.