Bulls and Bears Slots

New online slot games are a real entertainment when you want to take a break from the usual casino games and bingo. Slots are the easiest to play and offer huge jackpots as well. Bulls and Bears is a very popular slot game that is available in the best online casino sites UK. All of us dream to make big money and to win money by playing something really simple is possible only through slots like bulls and bears.

Look and Feel

Bulls and Bears Slot is designed to appeal to almost every kind of online gamer. The game looks perfect on your computer screen and there are some nice symbols to make your feel engaged all the time you play on this game. The graphics are excellent and they have some really nice sound effects that depict the stock exchange environment as well.

The Symbols

Just like all other slot games, this game is also having some really nice symbols. The theme of the game is related to yet another money making business, which is stock exchange.  The symbols are all money related like bills, bonds, golden bars, safes and stock brokers crying out “Buy!” and “Sell!” There are two wild symbols, Bulls and Bears. If you see both the bull and the bear at the same time, then you stand the chance of winning four times the usual payout. There are plenty of other nice features that you will love in this game. The bonus rounds, free spins and multipliers are all hidden in here. There is also a feature guarantee option available in this game. If you have not entered the bonus round in a certain number of spins, then you will be automatically launched into the free spins bonus round.

Bets and Winnings

The game is also not going to cost you a lot. The coin amounts that you can wager from 1 cent to $1. The jackpot that you can win however is several times higher than that. The best thing about this amazing slot game is that you don’t have to spend all your earnings to win some really nice jackpots.

Some of the best sites that offer Bulls and Bears Slot game are All Star Slots, Bovada Casino and Lucky red Casino.