Best Welcome Bonuses on Casino Sites

Newcomers to online casino gaming, when they see hundreds of pounds in ‘welcome bonus’ cash waved at them, might wonder whether it is hard cash they are receiving. Which is to say, one might wonder if the casino account’s balance acts like a bank account, from which bonus money could be withdrawn. It’s a tempting thought — unfortunately casino welcome bonus free cash doesn’t work that way.

How Bonus Cash Works

Usually your bonus cash lies in a separate balance than the funds you deposit to your bankroll. And the bonus amount is often more like casino credit than liquid cash as far as players are concerned. Another reason that the bonus balance is separated has to do with the restrictions that most casinos put on their bonus rewards (more on that below).

The main purpose of bonus cash or free spins (and really anything that the casino may give you to join) is to acquaint you with the scene and the games — that is, when you put it all into focus including their restrictions on winnings. If you treat it as a hands-on, free primer on a particular casino then there will be no disappointments later.

TIP: Only pin your hopes for massive wins on bets you place with your own cash bankroll.

Terms and Conditions for Bonuses

The main restriction, or fine print, attached to bonus cash is called the ‘wagering requirements’. You won’t see it plainly attached to the marketing for casinos’ welcome bonuses, but you may see some tiny reference to ‘Terms and Conditions’ (sometimes shortened to T&Cs).

Casino welcome bonus wagering requirements are a way for the house to limit its exposure to lucky players who might win big jackpots on free cash or spins — especially when the offer is on a ‘no deposit’ basis (before a player has deposited their own cash to play). Here is what happens: whenever you win using free cash, you must bet a multiple of the bonus amount using your own money before the winnings are released.

Unless you take our advice about just chalking up bonus cash as break in period then you should read the T&Cs of each promotion in which you participate — usually the wagering requirements will be in a range of 25x to 50x the bonus you received.

Premium Welcome Bonuses

Lastly, now that you know the basic deal on welcome bonus cash, you are ready to face some of the best deals for casino welcome bonus no deposit offers, as well as top up bonuses.

21 Prive Casino

If you are in the mood to play at a more discreet online casino — and feel quite removed from the mainstream casino hype and bling — then 21 Prive (for ‘private’) may be to your liking. We like its crazy unlimited cash match — meaning, this house will match your money 100% up to any amount when you sign up. We know of no other such offer today, although other casinos can offer as much as £5,000 in bonus cash.

Tivoli Online Casino

If you have ever been to Denmark then you will know what Tivoli is, and you probably visited. It’s a very old amusement park with ancient roller coasters and, yes, a casino. Tivoli has run slot machines for over a hundred years. Now, they bring it all to us online. What do you think about getting 171 free spins — a spin for every year Tivoli has been in business? You also can claim up to £300 in total during the introductory period.

Lucky Admiral Casino

It’s one of those instant success stories, Lucky Admiral — with such a fast rise to popularity we think it is probably the games and welcome bonus rather than blind luck. In addition to cash-match bonuses the Admiral shells out £10 to play with as well. That is another nice way to be welcomed, with simple cash — to be used in this good ship of fun.