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Apparently, Full Tilt Poker, released in late 2010, was the first of a new generation of Android casino apps that handle real bets designed for smart phones made by Samsung, Motorola, the Google-backed Nexus and others. (Google is also responsible for the Android operating system itself.) Every week sees an increasing number of free Android casino apps.

There are two main considerations to note with respect to online gaming using Android casino applications, as follows.

One point is whether players are accessing an online casino’s web-based games with their smart phone’s web browser (the same ones accessible using a computer with a web browser), or, players are using dedicated mobile applications for Android smart phones in particular.

It is not surprising that the older versions of Android and earlier smart phones enjoy the largest selection of free casino apps. The newest software releases are fewer in number, but their graphics, sound and touch-screen enhancements make the online gaming experience much better. Aside from dedicated Android casino apps, any smart phone user is always able to play on the wide array of online gaming websites, whether they are casino games or bingo — just like using a computer.

The second point is whether or not a game allows real-money stakes. Most free Android casino apps that are available as yet only use ‘play money’. Aside from the question of being able play casino apps for Android for cash, the range of games is virtually as plentiful as what gamblers find in real casinos. Blackjack, slots, poker, roulette and other favourites are already available as Android casino apps.

Smart phone users who have online gaming in mind may begin flocking to Android devises instead of the iPhone. That’s because Apple is strict about what kinds of applications can be developed for its products, and real-money gambling is not among its highest priorities for the iPhone space. The other thing that slows the progress of Android casino apps is the security concern for the registration of new players and for accepting their cash deposits that enable them to make real bets.

The market for Android casinos is exploding, just as online gaming in general has been exploding in recent years. One benefit that players value about free casino apps is the way these games can be played quickly on-the-go, during work breaks or commutes or waiting on a queue, all from the palm of one’s hand. So many of these Android casino applications also feature chat interactivity. This provides such a rich substitute for visiting an actual casino (and in some respects, a friendlier option) that we wonder if physical casinos may eventually feel their competition.